1. despondentparamour:

    Avengers Academy #3

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  2. silversarcasm:

    if you had to drop out of a class you are not a failure

    if you had to take time off school you are not a failure

    if you had to leave school for good you are not a failure

    your worth is not determined by academia and this goes doubly so for disabled people and others for whom school is set against them

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  3. My collection of Hawkes. I guess I should really be more adventurous in my next game…

    Byrd Hawke was my crack playthrough =A=

    Also, I could have sworn I played as a warrior before but for some reason it isn’t showing up here!


  4. nazgullow:

    My fanart prints for charity on Storenvy is now open! $10USD per postcard print. 100% of profits go towards my charity: water campaign.

    *excluding shipping fees

    Check out the shop for more information :)

    There’s a new campaign up on charity: water.org and a supporter is going to be matching donations dollar to dollar up to $1 mil. This means your donations would essentially be doubled!

    Christmas is coming! Treat yourself and help someone at the same time. Clearance sale until 2015 to make way for new artwork! Use coupon code ‘CW50’.

  5. fikkachu:


    The prints are slowly coming in; thank you nazgullow for these beautiful postcard-sized Adachi prints! 😙

    Ahh that was you who ordered the Adachi prints across the ditch? I packed those prints with much amusement and good thoughts for a fellow Adachi fan. Hope you like them!

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    8-Bit ‘Friends’ by Antonia Heslop

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    Out of context Sims conversations…

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  9. power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely



    To everyone in the world who believes Justice.



    the protesters has no weapons. they just stand out to express their will


    There is no reason to use violence to weaponless protesters.


    I m now here to urge ppl around the world to concern about this issue.

    To Support Hong Kong Democracy

    Thank You.


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  10. emilianadarling:


    Pikachus from the Pikachu Oops! promotion at the Tokyo Pokemon Center.

    D: D: D: D: D:


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    Bless that one person in every group that is like “keep going, I’m listening” and encourages you to finish your story even when everyone else is talking over you.

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  12. Commissions open


    Forgot to post that my commissions are open again! (updated the status on my blog but didn’t make an official post whoops)



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    The two women told me they’ve never before attended Tokyo Game Show, but they came this year specifically because they play dating sim videogames made by Voltage, which hosted this interactive fantasy. Voltage was but one of the game publishers showing their games in the Romance Game Corner, a section dedicated to dating simulation games aimed at women.”


  15. "Muh back!"
    — Me, after painting portraitures all day. NOT SO EASY IS IT. (via momochanners)