1. Oh the moe…

    When I first played Tales of Xillia I chose to play Milla’s route first because I thought Jude was ‘a doddering fool’ |D. But as much as I hate to admit it, I find him freaking adorable now. 

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    not that cup

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  3. Should this be tagged as NSFW? Because it feels like any fanart of Regal looks very nsfw =A=


  4. clientsfromhell:

    Client: Hello, I asked one of my friends and he said that you built our site using Hotmail.

    Me: Excuse me! What do you mean?

    Client: You used Hotmail to build my site.

    Me: We can’t do that, nobody can. Hotmail is owned by Microsoft and they offer free email accounts. It’s not a development…



  6. Just dropping by Tumblr for some shameless adverts. My new online comic is now out! It’s yaoi, of course. :P

    Genre: Yaoi, Romance, Comedy, Drama

    Summary: Hagiwara strictly believes ‘the nail that sticks out gets hammered down.’ He’s the typical(?) city-dwelling salaryman who harbours conventional modern-day ideals of possessing financial wealth and status. That is, until he gets to know Nakahara, a janitor working at his office building…

    Read on Inkblazers or Smackjeeves!

    I tried to draw this comic in the style of Suzuki Tsuta, but mostly I just want to practise screentoning and panelling for my other project…

  7. Water creature… and this time it’s a tortoise lmao


  8. "Women reading romances are being encouraged to accept the idea that violence heightens and intensifies sexual pleasure. They are also encouraged to believe that violence is a sign of masculinity and a gesture of male care, that the degree to which a man becomes violently angry corresponds to the intensity of his affection and care. Therefore, women readers learn that passive acceptance of violence is essential if they are to receive the rewards of love and care. This is often the case in women’s lives. They may accept violence in intimate relationships, whether heterosexual or lesbian, because they do not wish to give up that care. They see enduring abuse as the price they pay. They know they can live without abuse ; they do not think they can live without care."

    bell hooks, Feminist Theory, From Margin To Center

    Traduction :

    Les femmes qui lisent des romans d’amour sont encouragées à accepter l’idée que la violence augmente et intensifie le plaisir sexuel. Elles sont aussi encouragées à croire que la violence est un signe de virilité et une preuve d’affection masculine, que le degré de violence dans la colère d’un homme correspond à l’intensité de son affection et de son amour. En conséquence, les lectrices apprennent que l’acceptation passive de la violence est essentielle si elles souhaitent recevoir en récompense amour et affection. C’est souvent le cas dans leur vie. Les femmes acceptent parfois la violence dans leurs relations intimes, qu’elles soient hétérosexuelles ou lesbiennes, parce qu’elles ne souhaitent pas faire une croix sur l’affection. Elles pensent qu’endurer l’abus est le prix à payer. Elles savent qu’elles peuvent vivre sans violence ; elles ne pensent pas pouvoir vivre sans affection.

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    This is probably one of my most favorite things to happen on Tumblr.

    i am the latios one owo


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  10. /casually names OCs after friends

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    Anne Hawke! She’s elleblr's Hawke :D

    I’m trying to get the hang of screentoning…

    Annnniiieeee - ahhh, this is looking really good Naz, (The boots look immense and I wants them).

    What’s the screentoning for? /nosey

    Heehee glad you likey! and omg yes I kinda accidentally made her boots too large =A= sorry about that. I’m trying to learn screentoning for my original comic!

  12. robotverve:

    +/+/+ COMMISSION INFO +/+/+

    More full body examples and waist up examples can be found just looking through my blog!

    +++ BASICS +++ 

    If anyone is interested in buying my art, these are the commission options I’m offering! Up to 3 characters per commission and no slot limit. 

    +++ PAYMENT +++

    Paypal/AUD only thank you :) 


    Feel free to contact me at »> robotverve@gmail.com «< with your choices and references and I’ll be happy to draw for you :)))

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  13. Anne Hawke! She’s elleblr's Hawke :D

    I’m trying to get the hang of screentoning…

  14. The Beacons of Minas Tirith! The Beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid.

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    what i love about Skyrim is that you can literally kill dragons left and right and nobody bats an eye but the moment you kill a chicken everyone loses their fucking mind

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