1. Water creature… and this time it’s a tortoise lmao


  2. "Women reading romances are being encouraged to accept the idea that violence heightens and intensifies sexual pleasure. They are also encouraged to believe that violence is a sign of masculinity and a gesture of male care, that the degree to which a man becomes violently angry corresponds to the intensity of his affection and care. Therefore, women readers learn that passive acceptance of violence is essential if they are to receive the rewards of love and care. This is often the case in women’s lives. They may accept violence in intimate relationships, whether heterosexual or lesbian, because they do not wish to give up that care. They see enduring abuse as the price they pay. They know they can live without abuse ; they do not think they can live without care."

    bell hooks, Feminist Theory, From Margin To Center

    Traduction :

    Les femmes qui lisent des romans d’amour sont encouragées à accepter l’idée que la violence augmente et intensifie le plaisir sexuel. Elles sont aussi encouragées à croire que la violence est un signe de virilité et une preuve d’affection masculine, que le degré de violence dans la colère d’un homme correspond à l’intensité de son affection et de son amour. En conséquence, les lectrices apprennent que l’acceptation passive de la violence est essentielle si elles souhaitent recevoir en récompense amour et affection. C’est souvent le cas dans leur vie. Les femmes acceptent parfois la violence dans leurs relations intimes, qu’elles soient hétérosexuelles ou lesbiennes, parce qu’elles ne souhaitent pas faire une croix sur l’affection. Elles pensent qu’endurer l’abus est le prix à payer. Elles savent qu’elles peuvent vivre sans violence ; elles ne pensent pas pouvoir vivre sans affection.

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    This is probably one of my most favorite things to happen on Tumblr.

    i am the latios one owo


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  4. /casually names OCs after friends

  5. elleblr:


    Anne Hawke! She’s elleblr's Hawke :D

    I’m trying to get the hang of screentoning…

    Annnniiieeee - ahhh, this is looking really good Naz, (The boots look immense and I wants them).

    What’s the screentoning for? /nosey

    Heehee glad you likey! and omg yes I kinda accidentally made her boots too large =A= sorry about that. I’m trying to learn screentoning for my original comic!

  6. robotverve:

    +/+/+ COMMISSION INFO +/+/+

    More full body examples and waist up examples can be found just looking through my blog!

    +++ BASICS +++ 

    If anyone is interested in buying my art, these are the commission options I’m offering! Up to 3 characters per commission and no slot limit. 

    +++ PAYMENT +++

    Paypal/AUD only thank you :) 


    Feel free to contact me at »> robotverve@gmail.com «< with your choices and references and I’ll be happy to draw for you :)))

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  7. Anne Hawke! She’s elleblr's Hawke :D

    I’m trying to get the hang of screentoning…

  8. The Beacons of Minas Tirith! The Beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid.

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    what i love about Skyrim is that you can literally kill dragons left and right and nobody bats an eye but the moment you kill a chicken everyone loses their fucking mind

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    Hello, everyone! This is Tammy’s assistant, Jae, here to announce something the two of us started kicking around as an idea when we saw how many followers Tammy was getting.


    3,000 Follower Giveaway Celebration!

    To celebrate passing this tumblr landmark, we’re going to be giving away 5 signed copies of her books (one for each winner). Here’s how it’s going to work.

    1. There will be 5 winners total. Each will get to pick ONE of Tammy’s currently-published novels for signature. 

    2. You MUST be following her blog in order to participate. After all, this is a thank-you to all of those who pushed us over the 3,000 mark.

    3. Each individual is allowed TWO entries, NO MORE. That’s a reblog and a like. 

    4. Entries will be allowed until March 25th, and this post will be periodically  reblogged on Tammy’s tumblr until then to give everyone a fair shake. 

    5. Contest-only blogs will not be named winners.

    On the 26th, I’ll pick 5 usernames at random and message the winners. This means you have to have your ask boxes open at that time. Winners will need to get back to me within a week with the book that they want signed and where I should send it. If I don’t receive a message from a winner within that week, or I can’t reach them via ask, I’ll pick someone new. Once I’ve heard from everyone, we’ll post a public congratulation to let everyone know that the contest is over.

    Good luck, and thank you all for being here!


    1. Me: *reads extremely graphic hardcore gay sex scene*
    2. Me: Awww

  11. So You Want to Take Commissions!


    So I’ve been working as a commission artist fairly regularly since 2008, and have been incredibly lucky and blessed to find myself with several repeat clients in the interim. It’s not my main source of income, but for many artists it does help pay the bills on a regular basis.

    So here’s a quick write-up about commissions and how I manage them! This is mostly from my perspective as the artist-for-hire, but I’ve done my fair share of commissioning as well.

    Read More

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    Fun Story: My director kept telling me and my tenor sax buddy to play softer. No matter what we did, it wasn’t soft enough for him. So getting frustrated, I told my buddy “Dont play this time. Just fake it” 

    Our Band Director then informed us we sounded perfect. 

    To my readers: “p” means quiet, “pp” means really quiet. I’ve never seen “pppp” before haha.

    On the contrast, “f” means loud, and “ffff” probably means so loud you go unconscious.

    I had ffff in a piece once and my conductor told me to play as loudly as physically possible without falling off my chair…

    Me and my trombone buddies had “ffff” and he sat next to me and played so hard that he fell out of his chair.

    The lengths we go for music.

    Okay yeah so I play the bass clarinet and the amount of air you have to move and the stiffness of the reed means it only has two settings and that is loud and louder, with an optional LOUDEST that includes a 50% probability of HORRIBLE CROAKING NOISE which is the bass equivalent of the ubiquitous clarinet shriek.

    One day, when I was in concert band in high school, we got a new piece handed out for the first time, and there was a strange little commotion back in the tuba section — whispering, and pointing at something in the music, and swatting at each other’s hands all shhh don’t call attention to it. And although they did attract the attention of basically everyone else in the band, they managed to avoid being noticed by the band director, who gave us a few minutes to look over our parts and then said, “All right, let’s run through it up to section A.”

    And here we are, cheerfully playing along, sounding reasonably competent — but everyone, when they have the attention to spare, is keeping an eye on the tuba players. They don’t come in for the first eight measures or so, and then when they do come in, what we see is:

    [stifled giggling]

    [reeeeeeally deep breath]


    The entire band stops dead, in the cacophonous kind of way that a band stops when it hasn’t actually been cued to stop. The band director doesn’t even say anything, just looks straight back at the tubas and makes a helpless sort of why gesture.

    In unison, the tuba players defend themselves: “THERE WERE FOUR F’S.”

    FFFF is not really a rational dynamic marking for any instrument, but for the love of all that is holy why would you put it in a tuba part.

    This is the best band post 

    Everyone else go home

    Oh man, so I play trombone, and we got this piece called Florentiner Marsch by Julius Fucik, and we saw this


    which is 8 fortes. We were shocked until,


    that is 24 fortes who the fuck does that

    Who does that?

    This guy. Take a good look - that is the moustache of a man with nothing to lose.

    Julius IdontgivaFucik

    More like Julius Fuckit

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  14. To new/discouraged writers:


    You don’t have to have 100+ notes on everything you write to have quality writing. Keep writing.

    You don’t need to have reviews praising the ground you walk on—you don’t even need readers at all. Keep writing.

    You don’t need to come up with the most unheard-of plot lines and most accepted head canons to have quality writing. Keep writing.

    And most importantly, you don’t have to have quality writing right now and that’s okay. Keep writing.

    We all start somewhere. It takes a lot of courage to post something for complete strangers to read, but keep writing. Keep posting. Keep asking for feedback. Look for people to help you grow. And many years later, you might roll your eyes and feel secondhand embarrassment over your past self’s word choices and character development. But I really hope that when that happens, you then go and pick up a pen or open up a blank document and you keep writing, knowing how far you’ve come and how far you can go.

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